Full-Time Professor - Hospital Practitioner

Subject: Biostatistics - Psychometrics in Health Science


My research focuses on the measurement, analysis and interpretation of latent constructs (e.g. quality of life, well-being, fatigue, anxiety, depression) using self-reported outcomes and in particular Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO). I am particularly interested in longitudinal PRO data and measurement invariance with a special focus on  Response Shift and Differential Item Functioning using Rasch Measurement Theory and Structural Equation Modeling.

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Patient-Reported Ouctomes
Response Shift
Measurement Invariance


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Critical examination of current response shift methods and proposal for advancing new methods. 

Sébille V, Lix, LM, Ayilara OF, Sajobi TT, Janssens CAJW, Sawatzky R, Sprangers MAG, Verdam MGE., & the Response Shift – in Sync Working Group

Qual Life Res.
2021, in press. 
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How to Investigate the Effects of Groups on Changes in Longitudinal Patient-Reported Outcomes and Response Shift Using Rasch Models. 

Hammas K*, Sébille V*, Brisson P, Hardouin JB, Blanchin M.

 Front Psychol. 
2020 Dec 23;11:613482. PMID: 33424726
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Comparison of structural equation modelling, item response theory and Rasch measurement theory-based methods for response shift detection at item level: A simulation study. 

Blanchin M, Guilleux A, Hardouin JB, Sébille V.

Stat Methods Med Res.
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Identifying patterns of adaptation in breast cancer patients with cancer-related fatigue using response shift analyses at subgroup level. 

Salmon M, Blanchin M, Rotonda C, Guillemin F, Sébille V.

Cancer Med. 
2017;6(11):2562-2575. PMID: 28994209
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Does the relationship between health-related quality of life and subjective well-being change over time? An exploratory study among breast cancer patients. 

Tessier P, Blanchin M, Sébille V.

Soc Sci Med. 
2017;174:96-103. PMID: 28013110
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Leader of the Master Level 2 degree  "Modelling in Clinical Pharmacology and Epidemiology" at the University of Nantes, France.
Teachin in: Biostatistics, Psychometrics, Clinical research Methodology

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