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Elsa Tavernier is a statistician (methodologist - analyst) since 2011 at the CHRU of Tours. She obtained her PhD in biostatistics in 2016 at Paris Diderot University. She participates in the QUARTET project on the development of methods to analyze survival data in randomized cluster trials and to provide appropriate measures of clustering.

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Cluster randomized trial


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Timeline cluster: a graphical tool to identify risk of bias in cluster randomised trials. 

Caille A, Kerry S, Tavernier E, Leyrat C, Eldridge S, Giraudeau B.

2016 Aug 16;354:i4291. PMID: 27530617.
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Improvement in staff behavior during surgical procedures to prevent post-operative complications (ARIBO2): study protocol for a cluster randomised trial. 

Birgand G, Haudebourg T, Grammatico-Guillon L, Ferrand L, Moret L, Gouin F, Mauduit N, Leux C, Le Manach Y, Lepelletier D, Tavernier E, Lucet JC, Giraudeau B.

2019 May 20;20(1):275. PMID: 31109343.
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Assessment of the impact of a new sequential approach to antimicrobial use in young febrile children in the emergency department (DIAFEVERCHILD): a French prospective multicentric controlled, open, cluster-randomised, parallel-group study protocol.  

Hubert G, Launay E, Feildel Fournial C, Chauvire-Drouard A, Lorton F, Tavernier E, Giraudeau B, Gras Le Guen C.

BMJ Open.
2020 Aug 13;10(8):e034828. PMID: 32792425.
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Meta-trial of awake prone positioning with nasal high flow therapy: Invitation to join a pandemic collaborative research effort. 

Li J, Pavlov I, Laffey JG, Roca O, Mirza S, Perez Y, McNicholas B, Cosgrave D, Vines D, Tavernier E, Ehrmann S.

J Crit Care. 
2020 Dec;60:140-142. PMID: 32799184.
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Awake prone positioning of hypoxaemic patients with COVID-19: protocol for a randomised controlled open-label superiority meta-trial. 

Tavernier E, McNicholas B, Pavlov I, Roca O, Perez Y, Laffey J, Mirza S, Cosgrave D, Vines D, Frat JP, Ehrmann S, Li J.

BMJ Open. 
2020 Nov 11;10(11):e041520. PMID: 33177145.
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Biostatistics seminar, Tours doctoral school Master IDOH, University of Pharmacy of Tours UERB Biostat 1 and UERB Biostat 2, University of Pharmacy and Medicine

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