Associate Professor - Hospital Practitioner

Subject: Biostatistics - Psychometrics in health-related research


Antoine Vanier is a MD in Public Health and a PhD in Biostatistics. He is currently an associate professor in Public Health and Biostatistics within the faculty of pharmaceutical sciences of Tours.

His research within the team is about the interpretation of longitudinal Patient-Reported Outcomes quantitative data: what can be said from an observed change over time in the quantitative measure of a subjective concept such as quality of life, fatigue, depression, anxiety. Especially, his work focuses on response shift phenomenon and Minimal Important Difference. Currently, most of his work rely on developing theoretical frameworks to formally define the aforementioned notions or testing hypotheses about appropriate estimators using monte-carlo simulation studies.

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Patient-Reported Outcomes
Self-Reported Outcomes
Response Shift
Responder Definition
Minimal Important Difference
Minimal Perceived Change
Structural Equation Modeling
Confirmatory Factor Analysis


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Response shift in patient‑reported outcomes: definition, theory, and a revised model.

Vanier A, Oort FJ, McClimans L, Ow N, Gulek BG, Böhnke JR, Sprangers MAG, Sébille V, Mayo N, the Response Shift - in Sync Working Group.

Qual Life Res.
2021: 12th April 2021 ePub ahead of print
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Practical issues encountered while determining Minimal Clinically Important Difference in Patient-Reported Outcomes. 

Woaye-Hune P, Hardouin JB, Lehur PA, Meurette G, Vanier A.

Health Qual Life Outcomes 
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Overall performance of Oort’s procedure for response shift detection: a pilot simulation study. 

Vanier A, Sébille V, Blanchin M, Guilleux A, Hardouin JB.

Qual Life Res.
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Materialism, financial motives and gambling: examination of an unexplored relationship. 

Eyzop E, Vanier A, Leboucher J, Morvan, H, Poulette M, Grall-Bronnec M, Challet-Bouju G.

J Gambl Stud. 
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 An updated matrix to predict rapid radiopgraphic progression of early rheumatoid arthritis patients: pooled analyses from several databases. 

Vanier A, Smolen JS, Allaart CF, Van Vollenhoven R, Verschueren P, Vastesaeger N et al.

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Pharmaceutical studies (University of Tours) : Biostatistics and Public Health. Bachelor of Science (University of Tours) : Biostatistics. Doctoral studies (University Paris-Saclay) : Structural Equation Modeling.

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