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participants 10km Tours

On September 24, SPHERE athletes took part in the Tours 10km-20km and marathon!

On Sunday, September 24th, the team of young researchers from SPHERE met in Tours and launched into a sports adventure by participating in the city’s annual running race. The following Monday, they discussed the best way to design slides and posters for their conference presentations, thesis defenses, and other similar events. Overall, this weekend was an enriching experience that significantly strengthened the cohesion within the team of young researchers

Members of SPHERE summer 2023

SPHERE Summer Science Day in Tours

On Thursday 29 June, all SPHERE members met in Tours!

The programme included a workshop on the CARER systematic review project and a workshop on the ecological and social transition.

After a convivial lunch that was the occasion of a few photos and a meeting of young researchers, the unit exchanged on how to evaluate the future of patients after reanimation and how to involve patients and caregivers in conducting research.


SPHERE young researchers' days - March 2023

On March 27, 2023, the young researchers of SPHERE met in Nantes for their first scientific day!

On the agenda: presentation of software for the writing of the thesis manuscript and thoughts concerning the group's identity.

We started by a presentation of the LaTeX language and a feedback from former SPHERE PhD students: how did they write their manuscript? What challenges did they face ? etc.

After a convivial moment during lunch, everyone got to work:

- The first group made its first steps with Overleaf, an online Latex editor. This workshop was organized by Floriane and Yseulys.

- The second group worked on the identity of the "young researchers of SPHERE" group, which brings together a wide variety of profiles: interns, residents, PhD students, young doctors, junior engineers, postdoctoral researchers and graduate assistants. They also brainstormed on the actions we could take to stimulate scientific life, cohesion and mutual aid between young researchers.

It is already time to leave, but everyone leaves full of ideas! We will meet again in June at the SPHERE scientific day !



Summer School of Psychometrics

Summer School of Psychometrics 2023

Myriam Blanchin, Yseulys Dubuis, Jean-Benoit Hardouin, Véronique Sébille

The UMR INSERM 1246 SPHERE is organizing its first psychometrics summer school from June 14 to 16, 2023 in Nantes. The theme of the summer school will be "The construction and validation of scales for measuring self-reported outcomes in health".

Lieu : Nantes
colorful umbrellas

INSERM workshop 274 "Cluster randomized trials and within-person randomized trials: statistical, practical and ethical issues"

Agnès CAILLE, Bruno GIRAUDEAU (SPHERE) et Laurent BILLOT (The George Institute for Global Health, Newtown, AUS) are organising an Inserm workshop on cluster randomised trials.

The theoretical phase will take place on 21-23 June 2023 in Bordeaux with many international experts.

Practical workshops are proposed in October 2023 in Tours.

further information:

Date limite d'inscription : 10 mars 2023


PhD Training "Design, Analysis and Reporting of Cluster Randomised Trials"


The Digital Public Health Graduate Program is proposing the PhD training "Design, Analysis and Reporting of Cluster Randomised Trials" (CLUSTER) with professors Laurent Billot and Bruno Giraudeau (Université de Tours).

Lieu : Bordeaux
seminar 27 may 2021
SPHERE seminar
27/05/2021 12h30

Using pooling for RT-qPCR tests

Presenter(s) : Vincent Brault (associate professor in statistics in Grenoble)

One of the challenges of the current COVID-19 pandemic is the need to test populations as widely as possible to better detect spread and evolution. However, technical problems were highlighted, such as the tension on the availability of reagents. To limit this problem, pooling methods (mixing multiple samples before testing) are regularly considered in RT-qPCR (see, for example, Gollier et Gossner (2020)).

In this talk, we will begin by explaining the principle of an RT-qPCR test and recall the definition of the false positives and negatives. We will then look at the pooling principle and how this procedure influences the results on the rate of false negatives. In particular, we will highlight the importance of knowing the distribution of viral load concentration. Therefore, we will continue on the difficulty of estimating this concentration and conclude with a few procedures that could be applied to help in this time of crisis.

Location: Tours + zoom

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visuel Sphere
SPHERE seminar


Twice a year, the entire SPHERE unit meets in Tours or Nantes to discuss topics at the heart of its research topics.

More information very soon

visuel Publication
SPHERE seminar
29/03/2021 12h30

Which place for shared medical decision in the context of kidney transplantation ? A research by mixed methods on the patient experience

Presenter(s) : Emmanuelle Cartron (SPHERE, nurse and coordinator of the research for paramedical professionnels in the hospital of Nantes)

The presentation will be an overview of her PhD defense and will focus on the presentation of mixed methods in research in order to discuss current and future projects with SPHERE which have both quantitative and qualitative components.

Location: Zoom
further information:

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