PhD Engineer

Subject: Biostatistics


Since 2017: Biostatistician on the European cohort  in kidney transplantation (EKiTE) within the transplantation, urology-nephrology Institute (ITUN, Nantes). Physically based in SPHERE laboratory.
2015 - 2017: Posdoctoral / Researcher engineer in SPHERE. Study of published meta-analyses in the area of oncology, appllication and adaptation of a new methodology (summary ROCt).
2011 - 2015: PhD student in Biostatistics and engineer within SPHERE. Mortality prognostic in kidney transplant recipients: application to the DIVAT cohort. Thesis defended in 2014.

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Kidney transplantation
Graft failure
Prognostic marker
Prognostic capacity
Stratified medicine


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Time-dependent lymphocyte count after transplantation is associated with higher risk of graft failure and death. 

Dujardin A, Lorent M, Foucher Y, Legendre C, Kerleau C, Brouard S, Giral M;DIVAT consortium.

Kidney Int.
2020;S0085-2538(20)30972-8. PMID: 32891605
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The EKiTE network (epidemiology in kidney transplantation - a European validated database): an initiative epidemiological and translational European collaborative research. 

Lorent M, Foucher Y, Kerleau K, Brouard S, Baayen C, Lebouter S, Naesens M, Bestard Matamoros O, Åsberg A, Giral M; EKiTE consortium.

BMC Nephrol. 
2019;20(1):365. PMID: 31601177
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Meta-analysis of predictive models to assess the clinical validity and utility for patient-centered medical decision making: application to the CAncer of the Prostate Risk Assessment (CAPRA). 

Lorent M, Maalmi H, Tessier P, Supiot S, Dantan E, Foucher Y.

BMC Med Inform Decis Mak. 
2019;19(1):2. PMID: 30616621
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A mini-review of quality of life as an outcome in prostate cancer trials: patient-centered approaches are needed to propose appropriate treatments on behalf of patients. 

Foucher Y, Lorent M, Tessier P, Supiot S, Sébille V, Dantan E.

Health Qual Life Outcomes. 
2018;16(1):40. PMID: 29506537
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Optimal threshold estimator of a prognostic marker by maximizing a time-dependent expected utility function for a patient-centered stratified medicine. 

Dantan E, Foucher Y, Lorent M, Giral M, Tessier P.

Stat Methods Med Res. 
2018;27(6):1847-1859. PMID: 28937334
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