Post-Doctoral Researcher

Subject: Biostatistics


I am currently a postdoctoral researcher in biostatistics at the SPHERE unit. I use dynamic propensity scores to emulate clinical trials from real world data. Previously, I did my PhD in biostatistics at the Bordeaux Population Health center.  My research mainly focused on developing regression models for illness-death model with interval-censored data.

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Survival analysis
Dynamic propensity scores
Neurological disease


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Regression analysis in an illness-death model with interval-censored data : A pseudo-value approach. 

Sabathé C, Andersen PK, Helmer C, Gerds TA, Jacqmin-Gadda H, Joly P.

Statistical Methods in Medical Research. 
2019;29(3):752–64. PMID: 30991888
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Palliative care delivery according to age in 12,000 women with metastatic breast cancer: Analysis in the multicentre ESME-MBC cohort 2008–2016. 

Frasca M, Sabathe C, Delaloge S, Galvin A, Patsouris A, Levy C, et al.

European Journal of Cancer. 
2020;137:240–9. PMID: 32805641
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Secular trends of mortality and dementia-free life expectancy over a 10-year period in France. 

Grasset L, Pérès K, Joly P, Sabathé C, Foubert-Samier A, Dartigues J-F, et al.

European Journal of Epidemiology. 
2019;34(2):115–23. PMID: 30649704
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Determinants of cancer treatment and mortality in older cancer patients using a multi-state model: Results from a population-based study (the INCAPAC study). 

Galvin A, Helmer C, Coureau G, Amadeo B, Joly P, Sabathé C, et al.

Cancer Epidemiology. 
2018;55:39–44. PMID: 29763754
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