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Subject: Biostatistics

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Counterfactual prediction in causal estimation: comparison through simulations
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G-computation and doubly robust standardisation for continuous-time data: a comparison with inverse probability weighting.

Chatton A, Le Borgne F, Leyrat C, Foucher Y.

Stat Methods Med Res.
2021, In press
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G-computation, propensity score-based methods, and targeted maximum likelihood estimator for causal inference with different covariates sets: a comparative simulation study.

Chatton A, Le Borgne F, Leyrat C, Gillaizeau F, Rousseau C, Barbin L, et al.

Scientific Reports.
2020 Jun 8;10(1):9219. 
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G-computation and machine learning for estimating the causal effects of binary exposure statuses on binary outcomes.

Le Borgne F*, Chatton A*, Léger M, Lenain R, Foucher Y.

Scientific Reports.
2021 Jan 14;11(1):1435.
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SMILE: a predictive model for Scoring the severity of relapses in MultIple scLErosis.  

Lejeune F, Chatton A, Laplaud D-A, Le Page E, Wiertlewski S, Edan G, et al.

J Neurol.
2021 Feb 1;268(2):669–79
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Donor HLA Class 1 Evolutionary Divergence Is a Major Predictor of Liver Allograft Rejection.

Féray C, Taupin J-L, Sebagh M, Allain V, Demir Z, Allard M-A, et al.

Annals of Internal Medicine
2021, In press
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MSc 1st-year Biostatistics and Bioinformatic (Nantes): Introduction to Biostatistics, Big data analysis, Non-parametrical tests and missing data, Biomathematics.

MSc 2nd-year Modelisation in Clinical Pharmacology and Epidemiology (Nantes): Clinical Epidemiology.

MSc 1st-year Drug Science (Nantes): Introduction to the Biostatistics.

BSc Pharmaceutics (Nantes): Biomathematics.

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