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Subject: Public health / interventional research in population health

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This thesis project focuses on the construction of the StopBlues tool (application and website) as well as on how this tool and its promotion will have been able to change GPs' perception of their practice. The structure and content of StopBlues were established on the basis of a literature review and focus groups involving the PhD student, health service researchers, psychiatrists, as well as representatives of users and local authorities. Subsequently, expert groups composed of key stakeholders and regular contacts with these stakeholders allowed the content of the application and website to be established in more detail. A closed questionnaire was drawn up and distributed at the end of the two-year trial period to all GPs in private practice in group 2 and group 3 local authorities (with promotion of the intervention +/_ mobilisation of GP waiting rooms). The responses to this questionnaire were analysed in a descriptive manner in order to analyse GPs' perception of the effect of the intervention on their care practices.
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Early Warning Signs of a Mental Health Tsunami: A Coordinated Response to Gather Initial Data Insights From Multiple Digital Services Providers. 

Inkster B, Group (DMHDIG) DMHDI.

Front Digit Health [Internet]. 
2021 [cité 25 févr 2021];2. 
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The PRINTEMPS study: protocol of a cluster-randomized controlled trial of the local promotion of a smartphone application and associated website for the prevention of suicidal behaviors in the adult general population in France.  

Gandré C, Le Jeannic A, Vinet M-A, Turmaine K, Courtet P, Roelandt J-L, et al.

22 juin 2020;21(1):553
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How to collect non-medical data in a pediatric trial: diaries or interviews. 

Le Jeannic A, Maoulida H, Guilmin-Crépon S, Alberti C, Tubiana-Rufi N, Durand-Zaleski I.

7 janv 2020;21(1):36
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